Sunday, December 12, 2010

Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. Runs Into Gold

   On Friday, 12/10/2010 something amazing has happened in the penny stock world in front of my eyes, as I sat in amazement. I have never been a part of such a stock movement in my entire life of trading, which is over 15 years. Triton Distribution Systems, Inc. a penny stock trading on the pinks closed the previous day at .0011 and opened the trading day on Friday at around .0014 and ran up over 1,100% and another 28% the next day for a gain of approximately 1,500%, closing the week at .0154 per share.

   Triton Distribution, Inc. announced on 12/09/2010 it signs an Irrevocable letter of Intent to acquire control of Advanced Gold Technology of Delaware. TTDZD News This purchase will give Triton 51% stake hold of the company. It raised many doubts among traders, after many could not locate the name of the company therefore, speculation began to run wild and rampant of fraud and scam. After completing a little detective work of my own, I was able to find the new company in question on the Delaware Government site. It so happens the corporation was late in filing as it showed forming on 12/10/2010. All the pieces of this puzzle seems to be falling in place. There should be many more developments along the way for this little company which is putting itself in position to compete with some of the BIG boys in this sector of Gold

 Decision Points

   Expect more developments along the way as we await the completion of this merger of Gold. This should be another exciting week for TTDZD as it has ran from .0008 to a high of .027. We could see much more gains in the coming days as developments begin to unfold for this company. There's a low float of approximately 90M shares, which makes it possible to pop to unimaginable gains within a very short period of time. It would be naive of me to give a prediction of this stock, but if I had to do it I would have to count my fingers and toes in order to render such decision. There's certainly a pot of Gold at the end of this rainbow

  The RSI and TRIX are still very low indicating there could still be some upside to this rally. The MACD has yet to turn positive, and both the 5 and 10 day moving averages are set to cross over the 50 day later in the trading week.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Emerging Company and Product for 2011

A5 Laboratories, Inc.

Vision is to Establish a Biotechnology company by developing novel immune therapeutic applications of natural gamma-interferon therapy to treat cancer and infectious diseases. I strongly believe A5 Laboratories, Inc will revolutionize the way in which medical treatment for both humans and animals around the world are performed.

A5 Laboratories, Inc. Interfon (ng-INF) is bioidentical and species-specific. Which enables the company to mass produce human interferon for humans; bovine interfons for cows, porcine interfons for pigs; avian interfon for chickens; and feline and canine interfon for cats and dogs. This is something that has never been done in the history of man kind, it could revolutionize medical treatment for humans and animals globally.

My hope is that it is in fact on the right path to finding the cure or a way to effectively treat cancer. AFLB is currently trading at $0.42 and is awaiting trials which results should be due within the next four (4) weeks as well as 3 patents pending and world-wide manufacturing rights. With positive results of the current clinical trials AFLB could easily top $3.00 within the next 3-4 months.

AFLB @ $0.42


AFLB chart

Johnny Famous Shoes, Inc. is another emerging company to watch after many months of delay, doubt, speculations and suspicions of their holding company Avitar, Inc. (AVTI) is currently trading on the Pink sheets. We will be featuring this company on Sunday (12/12/2010) with an in-depth coverage as one of our 2011 Emerging companies.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How can I increase traffic to my site?

How can I increase traffic to my site?

Low Cap Stock Talk

   Did you know that Low cap stocks have some of the greatest upside potential in the market today? I love the concept of investing in low cap stocks due to their upside potential. The second reason is they are almost always cheaper than large cap stocks giving one the ability to buy more shares. By increasing the number of shares you own increases your chances of earning more in the event the stock increase in value. As you can see on my website I tend to specialize in low cap stock picks and do very well at it. On any given day I can look at a stock chart and predict the movement of the stock.

   It is exciting and refreshing to me to awake each morning and begin my day trading stocks. My strategy consists of scanning stocks for potential runners or long term growth. I will get into this strategy at a later date and time. If you would follow me, I will try and teach you some of the tricks of the trade that I have learned over the years.

   We are going to learn how to pick stocks as well as how to make money by trading stocks the safe way. I hope to get to meet many of you over the next few months and years to come we embark upon this new adventurous journey. Until next time take care of yourself and your love ones.