Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are You Interested In Trading The Forex Market?

The forex market is becoming more popular today. A few years ago many have never heard of it. Today despite more people hearing of it still many do not understand what it's all about. When it comes to earning money I am always interested, as long as it's legal. After contemplating my move from stocks to forex it took some time but eventually I decide to dive into it by opening an account and doing my research before beginning to trade. I must say it was not as difficult as I anticipated. It is something I enjoy doing, it also gives me flexible hours to work later into the day and night.
Unlike the stock market closing late into the day, Forex can be traded at night as well during the time the stock market is closed. This works perfect for me since I have a full time day job. After work I can come home take a break and begin trading in the comfort of my home. If it is something you have always wanted to do I encourage you to give it a try. Open an account today and start trading. This is something that can be rewarding for you. Give it a try today.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Home - Green Uptrends

Home - Green Uptrends

Here is where winning traders are made on a weekly basis. Feel free to explore our stock picks for the week of 11/19/2012. Return weekly for our winning picks. Tell a friend or associate of your winning experience with AlexaStock.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Debt Settlement Consultation

Far too often we find ourselves in debt and wonder how to eleviate ourselves from this debt.Debts are very easy to incur but difficult to eliminate. We live in this worlld where we like to have nice and elaborat things. Whether it's a home, car or credit cards to shop. We spend, spend and spend without thinking how are we going to repay this debt.
After spending so much and the bills begin to pile up we realize we have gotten ourselves into something we cannot afford. The bill collectors start calling and we panic and avoid their calls.
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There's hope for people like this after all. This is your moment to shine, panic no more and face these bills graciously knowing you are able to find someone who care enough to help you reduce your bills.Here is a wonderful opportunity and a great time to eliminate your bills. Start by calling 877-661-3839 or visit us today for a FREE debt analysis.

Qualified Client

1) The caller answers yes to the question that he/she would like a free, no obligation, confidential debt consultation.
2) The caller answers yes to the question that he/she has more than $10,000 of credit cards, personal loans or other unsecured debts.

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Sat : 7:00 am to 10:00 am
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Popular Books To Learn Stock Trading

Hello followers, it has been quite sometime since I last posted. I hope to get back to posting on a regular basis, I have been very busy with various projects, have since caught up and ready ro re-dedicate my time to my lowayal followers abd readers. Today we will look into a few great books to learn stock trading. These books will help you to become a better trader.

We will first examine Trading For Dummies which is recommended for beginners. This is a must read to get you caught up with terms, jargons and basic stock talk. Wit this book it is easy to understand and familiarize you with some of the most basic terms in stock trading. It is easy to read and understand. Once you are done reading you would notice the increase level of comfort you posess for trading stocks. This is one of the most popular books recommended for beginners in stock trading. I highly recommend you purchase it now and begin reading immediately.
Another Book I will recommend to you is

This book comes highly recommended and I suggest you read it extensively. Read it two or three times until you come to understand it well. Once you have come to understand this book you will be ready to start trading immediately. Refer this to your friends or anyone else that you know are interested in trading stocks. With this book you cannot go wrong.Best wishes in trading, you are now onto your journey in mastering stock trading.

Other Highly Recommended Books
A Beginner's Guide to Investing: How to Grow Your Money the Smart and Easy Way
Strategic Stock Trading: Master Personal Finance Using Wallstreetwindow Stock Investing Strategies With Stock Market Technical Analysis
How To Find Big Stocks: The tool that turned 0,000 into $2,800,000 in two years.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Receive A College Education Debt-FREE

It's possible today to receive a college education FREE as the book below will explain. Put a little effort and time into this book and you will see the opportunity that awaits to reward you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ASKE (Alaska Pacific Energy), Major Run on Horizon

Alaska Pacific Energy is building for the future Alaska Pacific places the interests of its shareholders first and foremost which is why management has been careful to review potential projects with focus and clarity. The company's move into mining and exploration is based on management's desire to deliver a quality investment opportunity that reflects the changing economic times.
The goal is to build a comprehensive minerals portfolio with emphasis placed on high grade projects in geographical areas known for production. this is an excellent opportunity for investors to attain information about the company's promising gold exploration claims, located in one of the most prolific and historic gold producing areas in British Columbia, Canada. The company will also be reviewing projects in other parts of the world for inclusion in its portfolio and will base its selections on the merit of each project.
Supplementing Our Troops
Alaska Pacific Energy
The Bralorne area is steeped in a rich history of gold exploration, discovery and production dating back to 1828. The area has not been fully explored and with improving gold prices, interest in this area has increased significantly. Several companies, including Alaska Pacific Energy Corp., are interested in more exploration of the huge Bralorne mining camp.
Old timers who worked at Bralorne and various other close mining camps still talk excitedly, about finding clumps of gold. The Bralorne mining camp's historic gold production totaled 4.15 million ounces of gold according to various statistics. Operations closed due to low prices of gold, But much more exploration of the southwestern part of B.C remains open to companies.
The company (APEC) has an option on 4 MAIN PILOT GOLD CLAIMS (550.43 HECTARES) Capsule hornblende-biotite quartz diorite, a basic phase of Cretaceous to Tertiary Bendor pluton, occurs in Geologya northwest trending tongue across the property under option including Mississippian to Jurassic Bridge River Complex (Group) sediments. Quartzite, silicified argillite and foliated tuffs are metamorphosed to lower greenschist grade. The "Pilot shear" hosting the deposit trends southeast at the contact between silicified tuff of the Upper Triassic Noel Formation, Cadwallader Group quartz diorite and Bridge River sediments. The 3 metre wide shear contains a number of narrow, parallel quartz veins altered with sericite and kaolinite. Gold and silver values are continuous along this structure for 300 metres northwest. A chip sample taken over 0.9 metres assayed 11.1 grams per tonne gold and 56.9 grams per tonne silver (Assessment Report 11877). Another similar vein is reported to occur along the same trend about 150 metres west of the pilot shear. A well maintained portal to the Pilot vein is located near the mouth of Walker Creek on Gunn Lake. Further exploration work will have to be undertaken so as to gain more in depth data.
Management Team
James R. King, President and Director, APEC
The companies' founder and President, Mr. Jim King, has more than 30 years of extensive and highly responsible experience in a wide variety of organizational, business ownership, and management capacities. From 1966 to 1975 he was a major and active partner in one of British Columbia's largest recreational land development companies and was heavily involved in every aspect of this project, from conception to completion. He was also responsible for the development and sale of 1,400 serviced properties associated with the development all delivered within budget and targeted time frame. During this period, he also served on the Board of Directors of two public mineral exploration companies. They were public companies exploring a molybdenum property in Idaho. He eventually became president of this company and under his term as president the company raised money to drill a 6000ft exploration oil and gas well, located in the Uinta basin in Utah.
Timmy Welsh, Director
Ms. Welsh has more than 15 years experience in management. From November 2002 to November 2007 she was area supervisor of LA SENZA Inc. (TSX: LSZ) La Senza is a Canadian incorporated specialty retailer company with approximately 1000 stores operating in North America. She holds a Computer Information Systems Diploma from Langara College in Vancouver, Canada. Alan Beaton, VP Exploration and Board Member
Mr. Beaton is a senior Mining Engineer with 35 years of professional mining experience in both large and small operations. Allan became a member of the Association of Professional Engineers in 1975 after graduating from St. Francis Xavier University with degrees in Geology and Engineering. Mr. Beaton has vast experience in underground operations including 7 years as mine manager of Erickson Gold Mines. He also served as President and Director of CanAfrican Metals and Mining Corp a TSX-V company. Mr. Beaton is currently President of A.J. Beaton Mining Ltd. and Vicore Mining Developments Ltd.
Stanley Roger McClay, Operations Manager
Mr. McClay has over 30 years of experience in international resource exploration and development, acquisitions and mergers. Mr McClay started in the mining business in 1968 and was active in both open pit mining and exploration. By 1987 he was named president of Thunder Engine Corp which was later sold to Hawker Siddley Aviation. Mr. McClay is past President of Rioro Mining Corp., engaged in exploration and mining development in Ecuador and is past president of Spirit Exploration. He is currently the head of BCT Mining and is Alaskas's mining operator. Mr. McClay has worked in several countries mining and has experience in Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico. Other significant work has been completed throughout Canada including work with Encore Renaissance of Vancouver Canada as an operator
Contact Alaska Pacific Energy Corp.
Jim King - President Toll Free (888) 747-9911 Fax (604) 274-1575
Click here to visit site
Read All Press Releases Here: Link 1 - Link 2


Sunday, January 22, 2012

ANTs Software inc. and IBM Alliance

By Sanford Hall

ANTs software inc. develops and sells ANTs Compatibility Server (ACS) solution in the United States. ACS is a middleware solution that accelerates database consolidation between database vendors, enabling application portability. It also offers pre-and post-sales services related to the ACS and other professional services, including application migration; and a portfolio of services ranging from architecting or managing IT infrastructure to application performance tuning. The company was formerly known as ANTs Software.Com Inc. and changed its name to ANTs software inc. in December 2000. ANTs software inc. was incorporated in 1979 and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. Stock Info. ANTS @ $0.0044

Call Now: 877-275-0458

Ants on IBM website

The IBM and ANTs Alliance IBM Corp. and ANTs Software has completed and signed a Global OEM agreement. In compliance with the agreement, ANTs repurposed its patent-pending ANTs Compatibility Server (ACS) technology to jointly develop with IBM the IBM® DB2® SQL Skin for applications compatible with Sybase ASE (IBM DB2 SSacSA) product. IBM currently assumes responsibility for marketing, sales and support of IBM DB2 SSacSA on a worldwide basis, while ANTs is the preferred service provider for DBMS migration projects to DB2. The ANTs Software database migration technology and services was carefully selected by IBM after comprehensive research and customer validation of features and data base migration capabilities. ANTs has been awarded Advanced Industry-Optimized status in the IBM PartnerWorld Industry Networks program.

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ANTs Software,inc.

68 employees as of 4/11/2011zsa

Shares Outstanding: 132.63M

Float: 104.09M

21% held by insiders

FY 2010 Revs = 6.2 mil

FY2010 Gross profit = .8 mil