Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Low Cap Stock Talk

   Did you know that Low cap stocks have some of the greatest upside potential in the market today? I love the concept of investing in low cap stocks due to their upside potential. The second reason is they are almost always cheaper than large cap stocks giving one the ability to buy more shares. By increasing the number of shares you own increases your chances of earning more in the event the stock increase in value. As you can see on my website http://www.alexastock.webs.com I tend to specialize in low cap stock picks and do very well at it. On any given day I can look at a stock chart and predict the movement of the stock.

   It is exciting and refreshing to me to awake each morning and begin my day trading stocks. My strategy consists of scanning stocks for potential runners or long term growth. I will get into this strategy at a later date and time. If you would follow me, I will try and teach you some of the tricks of the trade that I have learned over the years.

   We are going to learn how to pick stocks as well as how to make money by trading stocks the safe way. I hope to get to meet many of you over the next few months and years to come we embark upon this new adventurous journey. Until next time take care of yourself and your love ones.


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