Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Philippines Typhoon Disaster Relief Efforts

Help the people of the Philippines, are you willing to help? Many of us might have known by now the devastation which has struck the region of the Philippines. We have all encountered a disaster of some kind over the years. Myself living in Florida can relate to the many hurricane devastations over the years. The people of the Philippines are suffering, shocked, lost and confused during this tumultuous time. The look on their faces tell the story, they are desperately in need of emergency help. We as a people are always willing to help and should help. Food, water, medicine, money and prayers are needed during this time. A donation also will go along way, even if it's only $1, it's certainly a help. Help of great proportions are needed in this part of Asia, volunteers as well. We ask that you share this story with your family and friends, please get the word out there so we can help the people of the Philippines. Make a difference by sharing our story via your social media platform across the internet as well as offline. We kindly ask that you show your support, please make a small donation to the people of the Philippines.