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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Emerging Company and Product for 2011

A5 Laboratories, Inc.

Vision is to Establish a Biotechnology company by developing novel immune therapeutic applications of natural gamma-interferon therapy to treat cancer and infectious diseases. I strongly believe A5 Laboratories, Inc will revolutionize the way in which medical treatment for both humans and animals around the world are performed.

A5 Laboratories, Inc. Interfon (ng-INF) is bioidentical and species-specific. Which enables the company to mass produce human interferon for humans; bovine interfons for cows, porcine interfons for pigs; avian interfon for chickens; and feline and canine interfon for cats and dogs. This is something that has never been done in the history of man kind, it could revolutionize medical treatment for humans and animals globally.

My hope is that it is in fact on the right path to finding the cure or a way to effectively treat cancer. AFLB is currently trading at $0.42 and is awaiting trials which results should be due within the next four (4) weeks as well as 3 patents pending and world-wide manufacturing rights. With positive results of the current clinical trials AFLB could easily top $3.00 within the next 3-4 months.

AFLB @ $0.42


AFLB chart

Johnny Famous Shoes, Inc. is another emerging company to watch after many months of delay, doubt, speculations and suspicions of their holding company Avitar, Inc. (AVTI) is currently trading on the Pink sheets. We will be featuring this company on Sunday (12/12/2010) with an in-depth coverage as one of our 2011 Emerging companies.