Thursday, December 1, 2011

Home Security System (Alarm)

By Sanford Hall

Home security is a major concern, especially since most countries in the developed world have seen a significant increase in house burglary in recent decades. Enhancing security in your home is the first step in preventing crime.

An important first step is to assess a criminal’s accessibility to your home. Many criminals will approach your house from behind, so never leave a ladder outside your home and cut away any vegetation that either extends to your upstairs windows or creates shadows and hiding places in your garden and backyard. Fit locking gates to side alleyways, and plant thorn bushes around external fences to deter criminals from climbing over. Cover any approach routes to the house with gravel materials, such as small-gauge granite rock, that makes a noise when walked on.

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Security lighting can provide a further layer of protection to your home. Motion-sensing lights are ideal. They automatically turn on when anything moves within range of the sensor and both save you electricity and act as a deterrent to a criminal suddenly caught in a powerful beam.

Doors and windows are two of the most crucial points of home security that you need to address. Doors should feature quality five-pin mortise deadlocks made of hacksaw-resistant metals and extending at least one inch into the frame of the door. You can add additional bolts to a door at the top and bottom making it more difficult for someone to kick the door open. Install locks on all your windows and keep them locked at all times that the window is not deliberately left open. If a window is in a particularly vulnerable location, fit a metal grille over it or metal shutters that can be pulled down. If affordable, you should replace conventional glass with toughened tempered glass or polycarbonate.

Alarm systems are excellent additions to your household security and come in a bewildering range of setups and prices. The basic system consists of a control panel and a chain of sensors placed around the property. The sensors trigger the alarm through either detecting motion or by reacting to a door or window being forced open. Once triggered, the alarm system will either set off a deafening audible alarm and/or send out a security alert to a monitoring company who then call the police. Simply having an alarm box on the outside of your house will usually be enough to deter most criminals.

There are three zones of your home that should be protected by an alarm system:

-The outer perimeter of your property which extends up to the boundaries of your property. The garden and backyard are not usually protected by an alarm system but security lighting should be installed.

-The outer shell of your house which includes all doors and windows. This should be connected to the alarm system using a direct trigger system.

-And finally the rooms inside your house should be protected with some motion detectors should someone actually make it inside.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A stock to Keep an Eye On

A stock to watch closely this week is LOGL which has gone on a wild ride this past week. This stock seems to be on its way to over $5.00, should easily break $2.00 by Tuesday.. Shorts are currently covering which will cause panic and a wild run.

This is a one in a million wild ride, enjoy it, this maybe your last wild run for 2011. The stock was beaten down after a colomnist shorted the stock and wrote an unfavorable colum on it.

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Look for this stock to act like LEXG have a few months ago, could very well act the same way. We will continue to experience wild swings, be patient and ride the waves. Good things come to those that wait.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Popular Web Hosting Types

By Sanford Hall

The website hosting business is the most important industry on the Internet, as it sustains every web page with server resources. Without the right kind of hosting, it is nearly impossible to have your website or blog perform optimally, especially as you begin to receive more daily visitors and update your site with content.

If you want to make your website as successful as possible, then you'll need to have access to the right kind of web hosting services. The following information can help you become familiar with the various aspects of the top three web host types.

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Shared Web Hosting – Personal Website and Blogs

Shared web hosting, or personal hosting, is a type of hosting in which a single web server is shared amongst dozens to hundreds of webmasters simultaneously, operating thousands of sites.

Most shared hosting plans include unlimited features that can be accessed due to the shared hosting environment. As a shared hosting plan holder, you will receive access to a small portion of the web server, which can be used to host as many of your sites as you'd like.

Shared web hosting is the cheapest type of hosting available and is also the most popular, as most people begin their online career using this type of budget-friendly personal hosting. If you have not yet purchased a web hosting plan and you are looking for a place to start, then you may want to consider shared web hosting for your personal site needs.

VPS Web Hosting – Business and Ecommerce Websites

VPS web hosting is specifically designed for business oriented webmasters in need of a more comprehensive solution for multiple websites that are constantly expanding. VPS hosting comes in all shapes and sizes that are perfect for an online business owner with a large number of web sites or a single site that is experiencing lots of daily traffic.

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is very similar to shared website hosting in that you will be sharing a web server with other website owners. However, instead of having a single portion of the server, the entire server is split accumulatively. In other words, you have to access more server resources that can be drawn from other partitions on the server, rather than being restricted to a specific area of the server.

Cloud VPS hosting uses this concept, but spread out over multiple servers at the same time to create a very powerful network of resources that can be accessed by your web sites.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Enterprise Website and Large Portals

Dedicated web hosting bears its name because you lease your own dedicated server that is devoted solely to the hosting of your sites. Since you do not have to share the web server, it is capable of handling so many more functions simultaneously. For this reason, many larger corporations use dedicated servers, and every successful online business owner sets their goals toward an enterprise hosting plan.

If you are looking for the most powerful type of web hosting plan, then you may want to consider the incredible advantages of using a dedicated server.